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Happy dogs after implantation of a veterinary silicone stent

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Cerificación ISO 13485/2016 por CSQ MED

ISO 13485


Minimally invasive silicone stents

Easy implementation and removal

Stents visible on X-ray

No need for surgery

Top 3 products

Conical laryngotracheal stents are an alternative when the veterinarian considers that the morphology of the laryngeal paralysis requires a stent of specific shape and size. 

Reference: VCLASS and VCLASSX - ROLL and ROLLX

The wide variety of diameters and lengths of straight 1.5mm wall stents are usually the most popular choice of veterinarians for most of their cases.

Reference: VST and VSTX

The thick-walled stent resists significant pressure. Its 2 mm thick wall provides support when the stiffness and structure of the laryngeal cartilage is lost, preventing laryngeal folding and collapse.

Reference: VSAP and VSAPX

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Dr Jorge Llinás Ceballos
"ABTVet's silicone stents get a patient out of a respiratory emergency in 20 minutes."

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