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Success story. Snow. Stent Implantation in dog.

Updated: May 23

Laryngeal paralysis in dogs is a condition characterised by the inability of the laryngeal muscles to function properly, leading to compromised respiratory function. ABTVet silicone stents are an alternative for these cases.

Snow started to have respiratory problems a long time ago. He has been checked several times in large clinics in Bulgaria and Greece. A series of studies were carried out which found that he had laryngeal paralysis—a congenital degenerative disease to which the husky breed is prone—leading to an inability to function the larynx and, respectively, the inability to breathe (with all the ensuing complications).

Snow's owners have contacted us to discuss potential options to alleviate his condition.

After reviewing all documentation and discussing possible options, the owners have agreed to place with our minimally invasive silicone stent.

After a long journey from Greece to us, a brief anesthetic to perform the procedure and a quick and gentle awakening from the anesthetic, Snow was now breathing much better.

Silicone stent refrence VSTX14-60

It is our greatest joy that Snow has a full and happy life.

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